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john lewis ad 2015: supermoon recut

After my 2014 horror-penguin success, lots of other people got in on the act with parodies of the following year's John Lewis festive advert. I thought I should give it another whirl so cooked this up, and I was chuffed to see that the actress who played Ursa in Superman II loved it!

john lewis does 2016 - recut

...And here's what I cooked up  in 2016. By now it seemed that John Lewis was deliberately give the advert to 'viral' agencies to let the m make spoofs in advance. I had no such access so just mashed it up with clips from Liam Neeson movie The Grey.


argentina over-reacts to phone-hacking scandal

A few years ago an Argentinian football fan called 'Tano' Pasman became an unlikely cult Youtube star for shouting furiously at his telly during games. I tweaked the footage to get him to react to the bosses of News International during the 2011 phone-hacking scandal.

baby runs loose on BBC news

One of my cheeky 'Did that happen?' sketches, taking advantage of an unusual moment I caught from the BBC News Channel. 


michael gove's wham rap (with added Wham!)

It's odd enough that Michael Gove performed the Wham rap on camera, but it's even odder when you set it to music. I threw in his delightful slip on the pavement for added larks.



eddie mair's epic newsnight

This little montage sums up possibly the most extraordinary episode of Newsnight ever, when the programme was in crisis over the Jimmy Savile scandal and the whole future of the show was in doubt. Presenter Eddie Mair handled it fantastically well.

hobbit spotted on the news

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson famously used perspective tricks to make his hobbits look small next to other actors. Here an odd BBC camera angle makes ex-political editor Nick Robinson looks  like he's stopped to chat on his way to a mission to Mordor. 

transfer deadline day

Before footballer Ched Evans was acquitted on appeal, Sheffield Utd were rumoured to be re-signing him and so having a (then) convicted rapist on their books. As the story coincided with Transfer Deadline Day, for a BBC3 show I made this imagined line-up filled with celebrities who've been banged up. (Voiceover also by me!)

a glimpse of Tony Blair in 2031

This gets funnier as every year passes. Made for BBC2 comedy show Time Trumpet, it's a montage of all the scenes which imagined Tony Blair in 2031 as an elderly madman wandering dementedly around the bins of downtown Baghdad. It's the brainchild of the brilliant Armando Iannucci.

in the loop: exclusive trailer

I was the archive researcher for the movie In The Loop (which contains almost zero archive) and to celebrate the film's release I made a silly trailer playing with the reactions of Alastair Campbell and Michael Portillo on the BBC after they'd just watched the film. 

lib dem outburst 2009 conference

This gag is always slightly low-hanging fruit but sometimes I can't resist. Now that Vince Cable is back in the Commons and become Lib Dem leader, it resonates a bit again.

what nigel farage really thinks

Another short exercise taking one short Nigel Farage interview and tweaking it so he speaks something that slightly more resembles the truth. Maybe.


Vidiotic: BBC Comedy Trailer

I made this short trailer to sum up the half-hour authored comedy show I made for the BBC in 2008.Contained Biff from Back to the Future, Andrew Marr, and stop-motion animation. Not bad for a £45,000 budget.

bye bye bush - 8 years in 3 minutes

I made this short montage to celebrate th eend of George W Bush's two terms as president, sans sum up all his major catastrophes. It's incredible to think that since Trump's election millions of people would gladly go back to Bush in a heart beat.. 

the worst combination in history?

A short bit of BBC voiceover from a continuity announcer that might send shivers down your spine....



andrew marr's sunday am extended opening

This was the first in what became a long series of sketches spinning the yarn of the Legend of Andrew Marr, which involved playing around with the original opening sequence of his Sunday morning chat show and developing the car journey into something more epic, with a little help from The World is Not Enough.


the real chris evans radio 2 advert

When Chris Evans took over the primetime Radio 2 Breakfast show hot-seat from broadcasting legend Sir Terry Wogan, the BBC made a trailer to promote it featuring Sir Terry himself. Which offered a chance for a bit of cheekiness.

bbc newsnight's gone mad: a video dossier

Just before star presenter Jeremy Paxman left Newsnight the editor clearly made a decision to create content that might be shared online with the hope of going viral. Combined with a ludicrous green screen set, this was when a once-serious news show jumped the shark.

that osborne/balls handshake

This moment of TV gold takes the least dramatic handshake between two posturing men ever captured on screen, and compares it with the most dramatic one.


bbc one ident (rare)

Until recently BBC One's channel idents all featured groups of British people celebrating or dancing in various local idiosyncratic ways, so here's one which they never broadcast - but it would have been very funny if they had.



cheeky porn-watching newsreader

In a rare directing error, BBC News once cut to a peculiar bird's-eye camera angle above presenter Huw Edwards, which offered an opportunity to show what's on his screens during the broadcast.

leaked tweaked BBC election advert 2010

Yet another self-important advert by BBC News, this time for their 2010 election coverage I gave it a slight tweak but as so often the original is basically beyond parody anyway.

it's nick clegg's fault

Proof that some topical sketches don't age well, this harks back to a time when Nick Clegg was being blamed in the press and by politicians for all that was wrong in Brtiain, so this was intended as as illy comment on the situation. I'm sure it was funny at the time...honest.

shark in venice (with one-liner subtitles)

You might notice that sharks are something of a recurring theme in my sketches, and this film is a particular favourite. Somehow this action scene really lent itself to silly subtitles (again you can find lots more of this format elsewhere on the site).

nick clegg: the big verdict

Another Nick Clegg piece? Not sure he was worthy of all this attention. The context for this one was the 2010 election campaign when Cleggmania was at its peak (remember that?) and the tabloids breifly became obsessed with his wife Miriam. 

bbc cut-backs are getting ridiculous

This clip was just me taking advantage of a brilliant cock-up on BBC News, when the camera cut to the sports desk but  whoever was supposed to be presenting clearly didn't realise they were due to be on air.

a valentine's day message

We're really into my earlier (i.e. rough and ready) work here, but I'm still fond of these clips. I spotted this funny moment between Jack Straw and Hazel Blears at the 2006 Labour Party Conference, and re-worked it into a fake TV advert for Royal Mail. Would have worked a treat!


world's wildest planet earth

Do you remember the TV show World's Wildest Police Chases, presented by human tangerine Sheriff John Bunnell? It was cult viewing in the Noughties, and when this overhead chase sequence in the BBC's Planet Earth was broadcast, it offered the chance for a re-edit transforming a seminal natural history programme into trashy fun. What's not to like?

The Pink Panther in Munich

This was my first go at a movie trailer mash-up, and I was restricted both by the paucity of clips available to download in 2006 and by the fact I only had a ropey PC with Windows Movie Maker to work with. Given that, I was really chuffed with how this turned out, making The Pink Panther remake look like a gritty and dramatic thriller. If only, eh?

bush video game commercial 

And here, for you, ultra-keen (aka ultra-bored) deep-diver that you are, is the very first clip I posted on Youtube in 2006. It was just to poke fun at the intellectual prowess (or lack of it) possessed by George W Bush. Little did I know that Trump would make him seem like Einstein and Mandela rolled into one.