jon's mash-ups page 3

swine flu pandemic: the album

In 2009 there was a real fear about a global flu pandemic, which turned out to be far less scary than WHO warnings. To commemorate this moment in history here's the only compilation album you'll ever need.

the bbc election pizza (worst metaphor ever)

This ludicrous moment on BBC Radio 4 was pointed out to me by Armando Iannucci, and it's so silly I didn't have to recut the audio a tall. I just put some images to it to highlight the stupidity. The speaker is Tim Harford from the statistics show More or Less.


francis maude on the big society

I also used stills to highlight the outrageous hypocrisy of Tory minister Francis Maude, who went on air to tell young people to do some volunteering, but wasn't prepared for the presenter having the nerve to ask what volunteering Maude had ever done himself...


computers try to perform monty python

We're constantly told that computers are about to take over the world, so it's only a matter of time before they conquer comedy. I programmed a web engine to get two computer characters performing Monty Python's famous Dead Parrot sketch. I think you'll agree they nailed it.

ed miliband's top 40 photo fails

Former Labour party leader Ed Miliband had a talent for looking ridiculous in photographs, so much so that here's a Top 40-style chart run-down. (There are plenty more where these came from).

the iraq inquiry awakens: trailer

Sir John Chilcot's notoriously tardy Iraq Inquiry took longer to complete than the Second World War. When the publication date was announced in late 2015 the new Star Wars movie was incoming so I thought I'd blend the two.

andrew marr roasts gordon brown

One of my series of Andrew Marr interview sketches, this time skewering Gordon Brown when the grumpy Scot was in his unhappy time as Prime Minister. I'm inspired by Chris Morris with these sketches, which unlike other mash-up artists I aim to do seamlessly without jump cuts so you could just about imagine it might have happened.

that time boris johnson went on eastenders

Once in a while, real-life celebrities are invited to have a cameo on London-based soap opera Eastenders - they are always awful. Boris Johnson turned up once while he was London mayor, so I slightly re-edited the moment to make the reaction of the Queen Vic's locals more realistic.

world cup wtf

I made this short montage of silliness at the start of the 2010 World Cup based on a few funny moments I'd spotted. I planned to do more but life got in the way. The Ray Winstone one is still current, though.

queen in bbc zombie attack

when the Queen visited BBC Broadcasting House the stand-out image was of her photobombing the news studio. Her wobbly shuffle towards the camera and the slow-moving horde behind her looked like something out of a zombie film, so I added some music from Dawn of the Dead...


top 10 underrated superheroes

In 2016 I was a regular contributor to BBC Radio 5 Live's new topical arts show Will Gompertz's Heat Map. (In fact I helped get it commissioned and came up with the name). This Top 10 was my favourite feature, so I put it to pictures, using the same engine as the Ed Miliband Top 40 chart.

2015 tory manifesto in 7 seconds

A quick throwaway gag as Boris Johnson succinctly sums up his political philosophy.


gremlins attack the BBC

It's rare to see a technical glitch happen on TV and to be able to have some fun with it, but this one was a golden opportunity to play around using a clip from a film I love: Gremlins 2.

movie talk: oscars & new releases

This little format was part of my 2008 BBC show Vidiotic, and is a parody of TV entertainment news and those adverts which interview people straight as they come out of the cinema. It stars Susie Healey, presenter of Oxford Six TV's much-lamented movie show Screen.

an announcement by huw edwards

Another clip from Vidiotic, this is how the show started and I had to get specific permission from the BBC News bosses to use it. Thankfully they said yes, which means that it has the official Huw Edwards seal of approval.


panorama special: noddy holder

Made in 2010, this was designed to be a silly Christmas parody of hard-hitting documentary series Panorama. Since then there've been so many celebrity scandals in Britain that it's not nearly as unbelievable, although thankfully nobody has a bad word to say (in the real world) about Noddy Holder.

nick clegg rallies the lib dems

I think this little mash-up pretty much sums up Nick Clegg's time as Deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government. I used cutaways again to make it look realistic, which enabled me to sneak in shots of senior Lib Dems and a particularly bored-looking dog.

nick clegg: unseen camera angle

While we're on the subject of Nick Clegg, here's another silly throwaway gag I did about the Lib Dem Conference, when I happened up on a juicy little cutaway shot.

nick clegg just wants a bit of a cry

To make it a Clegg Hat-trick, here's the poignant inteview he gave after the 2014 local elections, when the Lib Dems got a real pasting in the vote. I added a bit of Cavatina to help sum up the mood.