jon's tv reels

Here are a few compilations of my TV writing.

have i got news for you

Some stuff I wrote for BBC Television's long-running, BAFTA-winning satirical quiz show. I've also produced and edited the annual end-of-year compilation show (2010-present), and having grown up watching it from the very start it's been a dream come true to work on the show.

only connect

This fantastic entertainment show is the self-styled hardest quiz on television, and host Victoria Coren Mitchell is a master of self-deprecating humour towards herself, the show and its convoluted format (in which contestants must spot the link between unlikely groups of 4). Here are some examples of intros and outros I wrote for Victoria.

time trumpet

This comedy series gets more prophetic with every year that passes. It was made in 2006 but set in the future in 2031, imagining what life would be like in the years to come and 'looking back' at now through the eyes of older versions of today's celebrities. I created many of the archive pieces and here's a short montage. The 'Cameron bracelet' has since gone viral on Youtube.

newsnight: Yes Minister Memo to the Minister 1

Conservative Manifesto 2010

When I worked for BBC Newsnight, I was lucky enough to work with the masterful Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn on a rebirth of Britain's most famous (fictional) civil servant, Sir Humphrey Appleby. I produced and wrote the basis for all three episodes.

yes minister: memo to the minister 2

LIB DEM manifesto 2010

We filmed the three manifestos at the Reform Club on Pall Mall, the famous location of the wager that sparked Around the World in Eighty Days. In truth, the BBC News crew hired for the filming were so unused to comedy production that it felt like 80 days before we got all three shorts in the can. Worth it, though.

Yes minister: Memo to the minister 3

labour manifesto 2010

As we made the memos, I remember being a little bit worried that the paranoid media-savvy Labour machine might take umbrage at our satirical attack on their manifesto, but in the event Peter Mandelson probably never saw it - and even if he did, our points were pretty unarguable. A final producer's note: as I watch them back, good to see my old Olympus dictaphone being immortalised on screen. Christmas present from dad put to good use!