jon's mash-up stuff

Here (exclusively for you, dear reader) is the archive of silly video things I've made. Some of them went viral, others just mildly fungal.

the last top gear ever

I made this the day that Jeremy Clarkson got sacked by the BBC. People think it took ages but actually I knocked it up in less than a day. It got 1.8m hits on Youtube in its first two days, and 10m on Facebook. Then the BBC took it off Youtube before I asked nicely and they kindly reinstated it. So here it is.

john lewis advert: recut

The John Lewis Christmas advert has depressingly become an annual tradition. When they brought out this cutesy 2015 caper featuring a boy and his penguin, it just so happened that I'd been to see The Babadook the night before, so I recut the ad with the audio from the movie trailer, and I think you'll agree the result is a stark improvement. The clip got 250,000 hits in the UK and lots of press coverage.

C*** of the SEASON

There was a strange rash of BBC newsreaders and personalities saying the king of rude words live on air, so it seemed only fair to make a compilation, in the style of Match of the Day's Goal of the Month. It was worth it just to use the glorious instrumental version of Life of Riley by the Lightning Seeds. Never was an accordion better used on a pop record.

the opposition

Back in 2015, when Jeremy Corbyn was a no-hoper destroying the Labour Party, I re-cut his unintentionally brilliant Vice documentary into a remake of The Office, starring Corbyn as David Brent. 

explosive bbc news trailer

One of my favourite clips on here, this was a response to a particularly over-the-top trailer by BBC News, featuring their journalists posing all around the world. Amazing what adding a few explosions can do.

ed miliband (feat. Queen): one nation

He might have stabbed his own brother in the back, but Ed Miliband sure did like saying the phrase 'One Nation', as well as a convenient number of words that rhyme with it. So I set him to the tune of One Vision by Queen and the result clearly should have been a viral smash but wasn't.

tony blair v andrew marr

Andrew Marr really did say all these words (with one exception). He just didn't say them necessarily in this order.



the snowman: recut

For Halloween I wondered what would happen if you put the audio of Michael Fassbender's The Snowman (2017) over pictures from beloved children's animation The Snowman (1982). This is the answer. I always thought there was something about this guy that he was hiding. The clip is gradually spreading on social media as a slow burn, which would presumably be a snowman's worst nightmare.

what does brexit mean?

As Britain flounders about in post-EU referendum confusion, one simple question that voters have been wondering is what does Brexit mean? Thankfully Prime Minister Theresa May and other UK politicians are on hand to put the issue firmly to bed, and breakfast...

david cameron v andrew marr

I made this in the wake of the bizarre 'Pig-Gate' allegations surrounding Cameron's university behaviour. It needed doing, unlike the pig.



star wars the Force awakens trailer

The hype surrounding a new Star Wars movie always reaches astronomical proportions (even Attack of the Clones), so I popped this little teaser trailer online the day before the real one dropped in 2015. As it was made by Disney and JJ Abrams, this was a realistic guess at how it might have started. Then it happily gets a lot sillier.

all 4 band aid singles at once

As Band Aid 30 was released in 2014, I thought this would be a fun experiment. The process was painful but it's worth it for the Phil Collins/Luke Goss drum battle alone.

movie world records: alan rickman (gb)

Officially the best (and longest) villain's death in cinema history. It would have been more poetic if the Sheriff of Nottingham had been stabbed to death with a spoon, but apart from that this is cinematic perfection.

the blockbusters symphony, by bob holness

This clip was a real labour of love, and I was delighted to find out that Blockbusters composer Ed Welch has seen and really enjoyed it. 

bbc news weather fail

I'm still amazed by how many people see this clip and think it really happened. My shoddy effects are slightly covered by the low-res upload, but it's the presenter's reaction that really sells it. 


drive: rescored by bbc radio 2

The BBC, in their wisdom, commissioned a version of Ryan Gosling movie 'Drive' with the soundtrack replaced by a playlist chosen by Zane Lowe from Radio 1. I thought it would be much better to rescore it to the dulcet tones of Ken Bruce from Radio 2.


harry hill v armando iannucci

For Comic Relief 2011, Harry and Armando were challenged by Twitter users to have a fight in the style of Harry's show TV Burp. It might be the campest fight ever filmed. I added sound effects and graphics to give it the feel of Street Fighter II, and the result is unlike anything you're likely to see on Showtime or Sky Box Office. 

world's worst puns with michael portillo

When former Prime Ministerial wannabe-turned celebrity commuter Michael Portillo made tortuous puns his trademark, I made a super-cut of his worst offences and imagined it as a new TV show.

the wimbledon world screaming championships

This match between Sharapova and Michelle Larcher de Brito was so loud it was hard to exaggerate the effect, but I had a good go...

general election going for gold

The UK 2015 General Election TV debate looked so much like a 1980s game show I thought I'd cut the politicians into an episode of Going for Gold. It was especially satisfying to get David Cameron to even answer a question from Henry Kelly.

the vicar of dibley: the movie (trailer)

I originally made this for Comic Relief in 2007 and it existed on their website for a while before I incorporated it into my 2009 BBC comedy show Vidiotic.