How Did He Vote?

How did you spend your Easter holiday? I've been mesmerised by the TV. No, not the finale of The Night Manager. No, not by a repeat of A View to a Kill on ITV (although that would be fair). No, I got sucked in by the powerful tractor beam of BBC Parliament, which has been showing an as-live broadcast of the entire 1966 General Election. It's not the first time they've done this either - in fact it's becoming something of a Bank Holiday tradition, and I love it. As the author Robert Harris put it today on Twitter it's a rare glimpse into "history unmediated", and it's wonderfully engaging. It's also given me the chance to post a lovely new clip, from a vox pop I happened to catch, in which Magnus Magnussen (yes the future Mastermind legend and Iceland's greatest cricketer, according to Wisden) talks to a voter in Glasgow on the morning after the ballots closed. The game for you to play is to simply answer this question: How did he vote?

Well there it is. In today's world of Donald Trump and raging Brexiteers, it's actually strangely comforting to know that the Sixties were no stranger to - how shall we put it - exotic views. To quote our Caledonian friend for the record:

"I'm a liberalistic Fascist. I believe in freedom for everyone, but we require a boss."

William Wallace eat your heart out. As a post-script, it's worth adding that the BBC may have chosen to show the 1966 election not only because it's 50 years old but because it shows one of their former news anchors in full flow, the authoritative Clliff Michelmore who died last week. However, as Dirty Tapas has already noticed, Cliff was himself capable of airing views which would raise an eyebrow or two these days. In another small way, despite all the problems we continue to face, here's proof that we have at least made a bit of progress...

Jon HarveyComment