Got anything planned for your 36th?

It was my birthday last week (thanks for asking), and not just any birthday. It was my 18th!.... since my 18th, that is. It's a terrifying piece of maths for anyone careering towards 40, but it struck me that it's also something we don't celebrate nearly enough? We make enough of a big deal about reaching 18 the first time around, why not mark the moment when we double up? After all, 19-36 is a much harder slog. No chance of whiling away a good few years by just pooing, screaming, vomiting, and eating, before rounding it all off with another big poo. Well, I hope not. Depends how you spent your twenties.

Still, I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is and throw an "18th Since My 18th" Party. And being born in 1980 there seemed to be only one natural theme for this momentous occasion: yes, it was a 1998 Party! What do you remember from this seminal period? To give you the headlines, basically there was Bill Clinton not "not having sexual relations" with Monica Lewinsky, the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland, and Titanic sweeping the board at the Oscars. But what else? Here's a list for you to enjoy and/or shudder at (courtesy of some local charity shops and some torn-up copies of Q Magazine):

1. Glastonbury wasn't a rip-off.

2. Technology WAS a rip-off.

3. Chris Tarrant could have been Ginger Spice. (sort of)

4. The Fifth of June was a big day in the music world

5. All men wanted was a coke, a foil-wrapped sandwich and a Minidisc

6. The bands of the year were a mixed bag

7. The two titans of avant-garde British rock were on top of their game

A Woolworths advert for the new album by Thom Yorke's brother's band? Ah, those were the days.

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