BUDGET 2016: The elephant in the room

Now it might not be politically correct to say this, or the most sophisticated Budget analysis you'll read this year, but George Osborne's speech today was completely upstaged by Theresa May's choice of attire. I know times are tough but does the vigorous need for cuts need to spread to fabric? Here's a fairly typical screenshot from the hour-long address:

I know, I know. "Nothing to see here. Move along, get over it, etc etc." Except that Greg Hands MP, who is on the left of the picture and who has the unfortunately named position of being George's Number 2 in the Treasury, seemed to be pretty darn mesmerised:

Things came to a head when BBC News realised that Mrs May was stealing the limelight, distracting from the speech and/or revealing far too much for a pre-watershed audience (delete as applicable), so they found a strategic use for political editor Laura Kuenssberg's head:

Phew. Problem solved. Now, what was he saying? The economy's buggered? Sorry, I wasn't listening.




Jon HarveyComment