Parody Paroled: The Last Ever Top Gear lives!

This is a nice sentence to write: I just received a bit of good news. Back in March, on the day Jeremy Clarkson was sacked from the BBC, I quickly cooked up a silly mash-up sketch called The Last Ever Top Gear, which ended up being the most successful clip I've made to date. Not for long, though. Two weeks later I woke up to an email from Youtube telling me it had been blocked worldwide after copyright material had been "manually detected" by BBC Worldwide. This was a bit of a shame, I thought (people seemed to find it funny) and moreover it was possibly not a fair decision in the light of the recent change to the parody law in England and Wales. Although some other Youtube users had ripped the sketch and put it on their account, I was resigned to the fact I would no longer be able to show it on my channel. 

But skip forwards to today and I've received a very heartening response from BBC Worldwide, who've kindly agreed that parody is relevant in this case and have consequently removed their block on the video, restoring the original clip and allowing me for the first time post it properly on Dirty Tapas. (You may have seen I'd sneakily published it via Vimeo instead anyway, but now it's available via the original link). Hooray!


Jon HarveyComment