Shocking evidence Prince Charles believes in hanging

So the Black Spider letters have finally been published. And they don't tell us anything we didn't really know anyway - yes, Prince Charles likes to stick his nose into government (mainly environmental) affairs, when he's an entirely unelected interloper. And yes, he didn't need to spend a shedload of taxpayers' money hiding this pretty anodyne content from the public. But something much juicier came my way today, when I saw this quite astonishing clip of the Prince of Wales seemingly refuse to shake the hand of a disabled war veteran. See for yourself here:

Prince Charles, heir to the throne, appears to believe in (leaving people) hanging.

Charlie even has a little laugh about it with Camilla, by the look of it. What a card. Anyway, the clip reminded me of a project I'd had on the back-burner - for some reason nobody on the internet seems to have done a truly satisfying compilation of the best of these "left hanging" clips. So I thought I'd do the honours: Voila!

Jon HarveyComment