Cannibal Xerox (starring Charlie Brooker)


When the article was released on Tuesday 12 May, beginning "When the exit polls were finally released at 10pm on 7 May, Britain gasped", Twitter gasped. Up until that point, public opinion seemed to indicate we'd be seeing the back of witty articles making hay with the General Election. 

But this hope was "disastrously wrong". 

So proved Jenn Selby in the Independent Online, as she cannibalised a funny article in a competing newspaper the day before.

""Now we've got the full-fat Tory government that virtually no one predicted"", she wrote that writer Charlie Brooker wrote in The Guardian on Monday.

Her column draws a vivid analogy with the vivid analogy he draws: ""Clearly, voting Tory is a guilty pleasure some people won't readily admit to - like masturbating or listening to Gary Barlow. Or masturbating while listening to Gary Barlow. In the voting booth. Using your free hand to vote Conservative. Cameron's Britain."" ...And a Russian oligarch's national newspaper.

Her widely shared, and to judge by the comments mercilessly pilloried piece, copying Mr Brooker's "judging by the comments, well-received piece", received an angry impulsive response which the latter then retracted later in the day. However, he also asserted that he stands by a wryly amusing image about rodential matrimonial celebration materials - which I'm not going to reprint. What do you think I am, a savage?

Jenn Selby is the 2015 winner of the Johann Hari Prize for Independent Journalism.

Jon HarveyComment