Welcome to the (tapas) jungle

Here begins the greatest blog of all time. (I can't back that up with actual facts, but keep visiting and you be the judge). There's only one way to sign on, and that's with the best sign-off of all time. Enjoy!

The noble art of the credit sequence.

It's hard to estimate how much tape, film and hard drive storage has been used up making TV programmes since 1977. Whatever, it's all ultimately a futile footnote compared to the WOUB sign-off tape. You'll have your own favourite team member, of course, but for any sane judge it's all about the mighty Bob Bajorek, Videotape (0:22). Just look at the action he gets on that reel-to-reel. Compare Art DeGroot (1:05) on the same machine. He just doesn't cut the mustard.

What about Art Hansen?

I hear you say. Good point. (1:00). Cracking 'tache.

By the way, I know what you're thinking. What's that amazing piece of music? I'm well ahead of you. According to Shazam it's "Like They Use Ta!" by Amiri, but a quick check on Youtube reveals, brilliantly, that this is not the original. It's some dude who's decided to rap over the backing track. I can't believe it - that was going to be my plan. Oh well, I'm no match for Amiri:


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